Where will my child be?

We care for children ranging from 6 weeks old to 12 years old. For the safety of all children in our care, we have separate age-appropriate fun-filled areas.

Our infant room – In this area the babies are stimulated based on their developmental stage. Our caregivers meet your child’s needs by following their individualized schedules.

The toddler area -Filled with playhouses, puzzles, and plenty of trains there is never a dull moment in this room.

Main floor – Theplayscape in the center of the room serves as anything ranging from a space ship to a mansion. When your child is feeling a bit crafty they can head over to our craft area to create a masterpiece. On any evening you can find a majority of the kiddos battling it out in a Just Dance competition.

At any given moment, there is fun to be had in every area; if it still sounds too good to be true bring your kids in for a tour!