How will I know what my children did while at Adventure Kids?

Typically your child will come home with something that they have made while here, and a story or two about all the friends they made. For our kiddos that can’t quite give you the full run down of what they did, we take care of that.

For infants,we ask that you fill out our “Infant Information Form”. The top half of the form is for you to provide us with general information about your child including their next expected time to eat, and any likes or dislikes. This is the platform in which you can set out your child’s schedule. Our caregivers will fill out the bottom half with their activities, food and bottle times, diapering, naps, and even their mood during their stay. A copy of this will be sent home with you at the end of each visit.

For our toddlers, parents can fill out a “Toddler Form.” The staff fill in the bottom with information on how well your child ate, any naps taken, and all of the activities they participated in.